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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How does your board rate compare to other farms?

A: The average board rate in KY is $35.00/day. We are able to keep our rate lower because we oversee all of the vet work and day to day operations, ourselves. We offer significant discounts for year-round mares.


Q: What is your biggest priority as a boarding farm?

A: The health and welfare of every individual horse.


Q: Do you have your own trailer for shed runs and emergencies?

A: Yes! It is a two box so your horse is free to move in a roomy compartment. Take a look at the pictures below.


Q: Do you use more than one vet service?

A: No. Your horse will be seen by the same vet throughout the breeding season.


Q: What kind of concentrate do you use?

A: Horses get select feeding depending on their age and condition. Our concentrates are made by Hallway Feeds and our primary feed for Broodmares is Staminoats.


Q: What do you feed for forage?

A: A grower in Southern Kentucky grows straight alfalfa, (26-27% protein state tested) for our horses and this is provided year-round.


Q: I have heard horror stories of how most boarding farms just put the feed on the ground. Do you feed hay and grain on the ground?

A: Never. All hay is placed in large feeders off of the ground. Feed buckets are spaced along the fence line and cannot be tipped or dumped. During bad weather horses are fed inside.


Q: I want to blanket my horse. Can you do that or will it cost me more?

A: Absolutely, we can do that at no extra charge. Many of our clients have personal requests for their equine. We make every attempt to accommodate equine special needs.


Q: How often do you trim horses?

A: Every six-eight weeks. Foals every three weeks. An owner can request that their horse not be trimmed as often or more often.


Q: How often do you de-worm?

A: We do rotational deworming every eight weeks. Foals are dewormed monthly.


Q: How are your conception rates?

A: Excellent. We are never less than 96% in foal. 80% pregnant on first covers, with only 20% having to return to the stud farm for a second mating.


Q: Do I have to keep my mare there a specific amount of time?

A: Longevity of a stay is dependent on each mare. We do not take overnight ship ins or less than 60 day stays.


Q: Are you set up to foal mares?

A: Yes. We use the proven "Foalalert" monitoring system.


Q: Do you have discounts for year-round boarders or multi horse seasonal boarders?

A: Yes, we provide discounts for both.



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